Together, we’re united in every student’s success.
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Together we create. Together we educate. And together, we elevate.

We believe public education doesn’t just serve the best of us, but all of us. No matter our backgrounds or abilities, no matter where we live or how we learn, no matter how we start the school journey or how long we spend there; we lean in, enthusiastically, ambitiously, bravely.

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We are the teachers, the parents, the staff, and the community mentors and volunteers. We aren’t in it for fame and fortune. We are in it for our students and our children. We’re in it for our future.
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For us, it’s a commitment to move our communities forward; and to empower and enable children of all ages and backgrounds to realize their innate talents and achieve not only their dreams, but their fullest potential.
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We make it all possible by working together, learning from each other and standing united.
United in Education
Add your John Hancock to show we stand united!

No step is too small. No leap is too big. No matter where a student is, we can get them where they need to be. We’re united in the success of every student.

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United in Education
If it has something to do with education in Escambia County Public Schools, we’re talking about it.

Every week, we’ll be interviewing teachers, staff, parents, students, graduates,
community mentors, volunteers and residents of Escambia County.

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